Tax Services

Tax Services

We minimize your taxation burden. We review your taxation position annually or more frequently if required, in order to provide you with taxation planning advice before the end of the year. Tax services provided include, but are not limited to:

T1 Personal Tax services

  • T1 Personal Tax Return preparation and filing

  • Self Employed Business Tax preparation and filing

  • Prepare all schedules, including Self-employed business, Rental income, etc.

  • Personal and Family Tax planning

T2 Corporate tax services

  • T2 corporate tax return preparation and filing

  • Completing of various schedules

  • Corporate Tax planning


UBER Tax Services

As an UBER partner, you are treated as self-employed. A tax professional can review your tax situation and accurately claim allowable all business expenses. We help you to take control of your business and guide in the right direction.

Other Tax Services

T3 trust tax return preparation and filing

Not-for-profit organizations, HST rebate calculation and filing

Deal with CRA for tax adjustment, objection, and amendments